Negen Undiscovered Value Fund

Scheme of Negen Investment Trust - Category III Alternative Investment Fund


Negen Undiscovered Value Fund is the first scheme launched by Negen Investment Trust, which is registered with SEBI as a Category III Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) with SEBI Registration No. – IN/AIF3/22-23/1254.

Our fund focuses on finding undervalued investment opportunities with identifiable catalysts such as corporate actions, long term industry trends or regulatory changes to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns across different market segments, including Special Situation Investments, Pre-IPOs, and Anchor book investments.

Fund Manager: Mr. Neil Bahal
Investment Manager: Negen Capital Services Private Limited


Our investment philosophy is based on 3 core principles:

1. Uncovering Undervalued Assets:

We strive to identify undervalued assets across different market segments, including Special Situations, Pre IPOs, and Anchor book investments.

2. Catalyst-Driven Approach: We focus on investment opportunities with identifiable catalysts such as corporate actions, industry trends, regulatory changes, or management actions.

3. Risk Management: We prioritize effective risk management to protect capital and manage downside risks. Our investment decisions are guided by a disciplined approach, rigorous due diligence, and ongoing monitoring of our portfolio holdings.

These principles help us identify investment opportunities that have the potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns.

  • Special Situations Investments: We actively seek investment opportunities in special situations such as management change, spin-offs, distressed assets, turnaround opportunities, and restructuring scenarios which often offer the potential for value creation and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

  • Anchor Book Investments: Our fund is actively looking to participate in the anchor book portion of IPOs. Anchor book or Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB) portion of an IPO is generally subscribed to a lesser extent compared to the Non-Institutional Investor (NII) and Retail Individual Investor (RII) portions. This provides us with access to new issuances and allows us to potentially benefit from price appreciation when the shares are listed on the stock exchange.

  • Pre - IPOs: We are actively looking for opportunities to invest in the SME-Pre IPOs, which allows our investors to participate in the growth potential of companies before they become publicly listed. By identifying promising companies at this growth stage, we aim to capture the value appreciation that may occur upon their IPOs.

  • Other Investment Strategies: In addition, our fund will also do regular value investing from time to time where we look to buy good quality businesses below their perceived fair value in our view.