At Negen Capital, our mission is to perform consistently in all market conditions, through our values of professionalism, transparency, and safety. We have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in portfolio and fund management.

Our Offerings

Portfolio Management Service

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We offer comprehensive portfolio management services to help you optimize your investments and achieve maximum returns.

Negen Capital PMS -
(SEBI Registration No. - INP000005414)

Angel Investments

Our SEBI Registered Category I AIF - Angel Fund specializes in startup investments, offering high growth potential for investors. We look for startups with scalable business models during their growth stage, when they have a proven track record for their services and products with a big market and a long runway ahead.

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Negen Tech Opportunities Angel Fund
(SEBI Registration No. - IN/AIF1/22-23/1054)


Our Category III AIF follows a catalyst driven approach for finding undervalued opportunities across Special Situations, Pre IPOs, and Anchor book investments. We prioritize effective risk management to protect capital and manage downside risks. Our investment decisions are guided by a disciplined approach, rigorous due diligence.

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Negen Investment Trust
SEBI Registration No. - IN/AIF3/22-23/1254)